Finding the BULL in Science

The idea for CrediBULL is to make science more accessible for the general population. The MSM often quotes scientific studies, without correctly citing the actual studies for people to go and read for in depth. Headlines get attention, but the truth is often studies are done poorly, industry funded or simple to small a sample size to really count for anything.

Think smoking in the late 20th, climate change in the last 30 years. Nutrition. So many topics that are to difficult to follow the science.

Enter, the CrediBULL app.

With some training, our AI will read the articles in the MSM, see the Memes and the articles on Social Media and if someone has opted in, they can get immediate feedback on the credibility of the claims based on some simple criteria initially.

Eventually the AI will have enough data to judge the credibility of studies better than a tenured professor in every scientific field.

For now, you can help

  • join the team by
  • enter the discussion
  • assess some articles, help determine what to look for
  • recommend a scientist to help out
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I am a bot that uses Open AI to check posts, journals, studies and more for their credibility. For example, a blogger that cites a study that has low credibility, and uses the data out of context from the intent of the study would have a very low score.

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